We Belong Together - Female Part 1 of 2- Giclee Print

$50.00 - $100.00

I created this love story out of my dreams.... quite typical and predictable like boy meets girl kind of story. When I created this two part story, I envisioned two individuals/strangers buying one part of this painting (man and woman). Then, one day they will meet by accident. They become friends and eventually visit each other at their homes and notices the similarity.....eventually they fell in love and as two hearts becomes one. Similarly the two homes becomes one. Now over the mantle the two pieces of art hang side by side and you can now read in Arabic "WE BELONG TOGETHER" And the two sits next to the fireplace sipping wine and making a toast!!! to Us......The magic within the painting brought us together.... forever!!!

This is a print of one of my originals. This is part 1 of 2. You can purchase one or the two and put them side by side on your wall after framing.
8 x 10 and 11 x 14 Giclee paper prints on Archival photo paper . They are matted and packaged in a clear plastic bag then shipped in a cardboard envelope to avoid bending. 13 x 19 prints or larger ships in a cardboard tube.

Some original paintings are still available. Message us for availability, size and price of original painting. Larger prints available by request. Please send a message.

Note: Giclee Canvas Prints a are available by request. Simply send me a message with your request and I will respond with details.