About The Artist

 About the Artist

At an early age, Lydia Peters was moved by art and inspired by her Caribbean heritage. Her passion for the pursuit of beauty led her far from her original home of Trinidad and Tobago all the way to Howard University's School of Fine Arts. There she would be exposed to many art styles that spoke to her but Cubism really resonated with her. There is an undeniable influence of Cubism in her work but she wanted to set out to create her own style, perhaps one that hadn't yet been defined. She drew further inspiration from the AfriCOBRA collective out of Chicago because they were a group of black artists that appeared to have created their own genre. Lydia wanted to create a style of painting that honored her Caribbean roots while also honoring her journey as an individual. She is deliberate with every color choice and every brush stroke because they all come together to tell a rich story of human triumph. 

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